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Before You Get Married, Get Murrayed

WEDDING PREP! Are you eyeball-deep in planning your big day? Let us help lift any stress you have around dancing. Whether it be your first dance or dancing all night:…

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Your New Life with Dance – Find Your Fit

How does life look once you’ve signed up for dance lessons? What’s the time commitment and how might your life feel different than usual? When you sign up for lessons…

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Is your New Year’s Resolution about working out? READ THIS FIRST.

Is there an easier workout? We all want an easier way to get fit. We’re all looking for ANYTHING but that workout we already hate before we’ve even put on…

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Let’s Get Physical

Let’s face it. We live in a wired world. We are online all the time — scrolling, posting, downloading and “connecting.” We give and receive instant gratification…

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Stretch Your Way to a Great Dance Class

Whew! You made it to the gym. After rearranging your office time, parent time or school time, you actually set foot in the one place where you are to honor…

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