I thought it would be fun. It's been a year since I started, and it's been great. I dance three times per week, and I've made a lot of new friends and my social life is better than ever.
-David Scholl
We started dancing here so we would know how to dance as a couple. We've come twice a week since October 2014 and we not only love being able to dance together; it's fun and a great way to relieve stress together.
-Robin & Marion Denis
I started dancing 2 1/2 years ago to improve my self confidence. Since then, I've lost weight and my self-confidence has definitely improved. I was shy when I started, and now I find it easier to talk to people. I've met new friends, I feel better about myself and I feel more relaxed. I dance every chance I get - four times a week at least - because it’s the best therapy money can buy. My whole outlook on life has changed.
-Sofia Malynowskyj
We started dancing two months ago to learn to dance for our wedding. With lessons at least twice a week (usually more), we have better coordination, more self-confidence and we're having A LOT of fun!
-Curt & Heather Bouchard