What’s your wedding dance style?

First Wedding Dance Between Bride and Groom

Of course you want your first dance at your wedding to be perfect. But did you know you could make it even more emotional and memorable than you’ve imagined?

Just like your chosen colors, flowers and dress are all uniquely you, so should be your first dance. This is more than a routine; this should be the moment that represents your personalities and the relationship you share.

So which dance is right for your wedding? This About.com article talks about how to match your dance style to the tone of your partnership and your song selection. From slow and romantic to jovial and upbeat, see if you’ve chosen the right steps for your big night with these highlights from author Treva Bedinghaus’s article, Which dance style is best for our first dance?

Foxtrot – Do you feel graceful in each other’s arms? The foxtrot is easy to learn and it’s great for slower songs and ballads.

Waltz – Are you hosting a black-tie wedding? The waltz is more traditional, and perfect for a formal feel.

Swing Dancing – Does life with your soul mate feel comfortable and playful? Swing delivers a relaxed, casual atmosphere and is a favorite among flirty couples.

Salsa, Rumba, Cha-cha – Are you the fun couple? Latin dances are for the committed, sophisticated dance student, but showcase the energy and excitement in your partnership.

Check out the full article here, then chat with one of our instructors about the perfect fit for your big day.

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