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If you've ever wondered "where is the best place for dance lessons near me?" you've come to the right place!

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Royal Oak dance lesson packages  include an intentional combination of private, group and supervised practice sessions – so you’ll see faster results and feel more comfortable on the dance floor.

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Enjoy a one-on-one dance class to learn basic steps for a variety of dances and get suggestions for a tailored dance program. Why wait? Tap the red button up top to get started.

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Dance Instruction:

Private Dance Lessons

Private Lessons

Learn at your own pace with 1:1 attention and an impressive impact on your technique, musicality, dance vocabulary and partnering skills.

Group Dance Lessons

Group Lessons

Experience close instruction as you move through a diverse group of routines and skill levels. Learn leading, following and fluidly adjusting to each person’s style.

Practice Dance Parties

Practice Parties

Weekly, supervised practice sessions give you real experience on a packed floor. Talk with other students and teachers, and try out new skills in a relaxed environment.

Work Out. Reconnect.
Rediscover Your Swagger.

Get a full-body, full-fun workout with 25+ different dance styles that transform your weekly routine. Make the most of date night and make a positive impact on your physical and mental health.


Reduce Stress


Tone Muscles and Increase Flexibility


Connect With Your Partner or Make New Friends


Our Students


"I’ve been dancing for almost 2 years and I’m in the studio 2-3 days per week. Dancing has many intangible benefits giving me the confidence to approach and communicate with women outside of the studio. Who knew guys, knowing how to dance is real icebreaker! I love all of the dance styles, but I tend to lean more towards the Latin styles of Tango, Swing and Cha Cha as I enjoy the pace of them. My two instructors, Arden and Dani are amazing with very different styles, but that pushes me to be comfortable with different partners and they each get the best out of me on the dance floor. Dancing pushed me out of my comfort zone and this month I will participate in my first showcase at the studio."

Eric Barbe


"I started dancing a little over a year ago because my daughter was getting married and I was dancing the first dance with her. It was a great success. I remember one of my instructors said, “don’t stop, keep moving” and I’ll never forget that. What a stress reliever dance has been for me. I get on the floor and everything just melts away. It’s a place for me to go aside from the day-to-day monotony and it’s something just for me. I dance with two different instructors twice weekly because it gives me a variety in dance styles and I grow more as a dancer."

Joy Silverstein


"Royal Oak I’ve been dancing for over a year and love to be in the studio 3-4 times a week. It’s easy to drop in and take Swing group class, my favorite dance or even a weekly practice party to strength what I learned that week in my private lesson. I have gained confidence, new friends and a place to have fun and be social. My outlook on life is different and my body thanks me for it. I’ve lost weight and I’m eating and sleeping better."

Bob Camp


"We love the hustle because the moves are so versatile. We dance once a week as our date night and we love it. It has connected us and given us more confidence in so many facets of our lives. The Arthur Murray Royal Oak instructors are so talented, after the first lesson we had so much fun that we signed up for our introductory package right away because we just wanted to learn more."

Mark and Faye Kerby


"Arthur Murray Royal Oak gave me confidence on the dance floor that I am taking to my wedding day. The instructors are very good at what they do and they make you feel very comfortable! Everyone is so much fun to work with, it makes it easy and I look forward to all my dance lessons! Also, I have been picking up dance moves way faster than I thought I would – we are definitely going to continue dancing even after our wedding!"

John Mohyi


"I always looked at ballroom dancers and thought I could never be one of them – I could never dance like that! I was so wrong – everyone can dance with the right guidance. I started dancing at Arthur Murray Royal Oak, and finally got to dance with amazing instructors and my partner. We have found a lifelong passion and hobby! Thank you for making this dream a reality!"

Jessie Metzler


"Arthur Murray is my Retirement Go To: it is fun yet challenging for body and mind, works my memory and helps me set goals. I love the studio!"

Helen Brien


"Dance is music made visible! It keeps you young, energetic, in both mind and body! It allows you to express yourself when words are lacking! We feel a sense of freedom when we move our bodies, hands and feet! I have been dancing for twenty-two years and have yet to tire from it!"

Peggy Pennock