5 Tips: Don’t Let Your Wedding Dance Become a Bad Viral Video

You’ve watched America’s Funniest Home Videos for years. And without fail, somebody’s misshapen wedding dance always makes the highlight reel. So here are the 5 must-dos (and don’ts) to make sure your first wedding dance steers clear of a comedy special.


1. Start Early

Unless your wedding is ironically scheduled on Throwback Thursday, that middle-school-style swaying motion has no place in your first dance. Start dancing months before your big day and allow yourself time to develop muscle memory.


2. Don’t Learn A Learn HOW TO dance.

Imagine your first dance going flawlessly. But what happens when your guests ask you to dance another song together? Do you revert to the middle school shuffle (FRAUD ALERT!), OR have you had enough ballroom dance lessons to pack a variety of dance steps into your arsenal? Lean toward the latter and show you don’t just know a single dance, you know how to dance.

Wedding dancing is a lot more fun if your whole family knows how to dance too. Ballroom dance lessons are an amazing “thank you” gift for your parents, your wedding party, etc., and coming to lessons together is a fantastic way to bond before the big event.


4. Showcase Only the Right Surprises


The Right Surprise

The Wrong Surprise

You thought we couldn’t dance, but SURPRISE! We can. You thought we took dance lessons, but SURPRISE! Nope.”
At the end of our routine, we’re going to SURPRISE guests with a dip our instructor taught us. At the end of the routine, I’m going to SURPRISE my spouse with a dip I saw on TV.
They’re going to think we are doing a waltz, and SURPRISE! It turns into a cha-cha to Pitbull. We are going to SURPRISE our guests with a 5-minute reenactment of our slow dancing from high school.



5. Never Quit Dance Lessons Before the Wedding. Never.

Couple things. No, YouTube lessons won’t create the same results, so don’t quit early. Dance lessons are the only pre-wedding activity that actually reduces stress. And they aren’t just a wedding-planning activity; they’re a marriage-planning activity because they’re great for constantly reigniting passion and fun in your relationship.


So don’t waste another second. Steer clear of making your first dance a viral video for all the wrong reasons. Contact your Royal Oak dance studio and let’s get the fun started.