Group Dance Lessons

Sure the holiday season is indulgent in the food department. And rightfully so. It’s not every day we get to enjoy our family’s favorite recipes.

So let’s take a no-regrets approach to that holiday feast knowing that we can shed those indulgences in a way that’s actually fun. Skip the heavy, high-impact treadmill work and the grueling, overcrowded, wintertime gym experience.


Here are some ballpark facts for reference:

A person of average weight burns around 100 calories per 1 mile run

1 hour of traditional yoga burns a modest 200 or so calories

1 ballroom dance session can burn up to 300 calories on average

1 hour of salsa dancing burns roughly 405 (140 lbs.) to 480 calories (180 lbs.)

1 hour of ballet dancing burns around 380 to 450 calories (varies by weight)



With similar calorie burning potential across workouts, let’s defer to which experience is actually motivating to you. Often times the gym or an outdoor run in the brisk winter temps doesn’t fall into the “FUN!” category. BUT DANCE. Dance is exciting, exhilarating, fun, social, powerful for the mind and revolutionary for our self-esteem.


More good news: we’re helping everyone get out on our dance floor. No matter what your past experience is, if you’re new to our dance studio you can get 50% OFF an INTRODUCTORY DANCE PACKAGE right now.


Think dancing is completely not your thing? We want this opportunity to blow your mind.

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