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Health Check: Can Science Sway You To Dance?

Sometimes carving out time to do what you want to do versus what you have to do can be a tricky task. Do you choose an activity you could squeeze in during your lunch hour….

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Resolution Check: Remember Those New Year’s Resolutions?

At the start of every new year, it’s easy to throw the “R” word around freely. You know, that word that represents our personal commitments to improve aspects of our life?

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Dance Camp Is Here!

There are many annual events that the Arthur Murray community looks forward to, and Dance Camp is high on that list.

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Health Check: Finding Your Therapy In Dance

We all have unforeseen occurrences that seem to put a wrench in our plans: fender benders on the morning commute; a lice outbreak in your kid’s class; jury service on…

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Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

When Lisa Rybak started as a receptionist at our studio two years ago, she went through the typical first week of getting situated…

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Benefits of dance- happy woman eating fruit

Fueling Up On Fruit

At Arthur Murray Royal Oak, our flexible hours allow students to dance at times that work for them – whether they are coming from home,

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First Wedding Dance Between Bride and Groom

What’s your wedding dance style?

Of course you want your first dance at your wedding to be perfect. But did you know you could make it even more emotional and memorable than you’ve imagined? Just…

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Private Dance Lessons

5 Guidelines for Finding the Right Exercise for You

Looking for a way to get healthier doing something you love? Not all exercises fit the bill. Here are five guidelines for choosing the right activity to keep you coming…

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5 Tips: Don’t Let Your Wedding Dance Become a Bad Viral Video

You’ve watched America’s Funniest Home Videos for years. And without fail, somebody’s misshapen wedding dance always makes the highlight reel. So here are the 5 must-dos (and don’ts) to make…

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The Music We Dance to Might Surprise You

What music comes to mind when you think: “ballroom dance”? A poll of the general public would present answers like: Slow & steady Boring ballads Tunes otherwise unrecognizable by anyone…

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