Let’s Get Physical


Let’s face it. We live in a wired world. We are online all the time — scrolling, posting, downloading and “connecting.” We give and receive instant gratification with “likes” and comments. Our phones have become our mobile office and party and, occasionally, devices on which we actually make a phone call. We are all on social media, but are we really social?

Research says that humans are social beings that rely on others for emotional and physical wellbeing. If you’ve ever held a sleeping newborn, snuggled with the family dog or kissed someone special, you’ve experienced an irreplaceable bliss that comes with truly connecting with another creature. As this article states, physical contact can lower our heart rate and blood pressure and boost our immune system. CNN calls touch the “ultimate mind-body medicine.” We think that’s far better than what our mobile devices can offer!

Even without a new grandbaby, loyal puppy or loving spouse, there are opportunities to get that “feel good” feeling that comes with touch. Many organizations (such as animal rescue groups and hospitals) have volunteer programs that make physical contact accessible to all. At Arthur Murray Royal Oak, our favorite form of connection is, of course, DANCE!

By taking ballroom classes, you are physically connecting to your dance partner by way of holding hands in almost every different style. You form friendships with fellow students and create a healthy social circle while learning something new. Many say dance is therapeutic in the best possible way. Call us at (248) 548-4770 or click here to sign up for a free, trial lesson. Then take a break from the screen and visit our studio to experience this boost in mind-body medicine yourself.