Fueling Up On Fruit

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At Arthur Murray Royal Oak, our flexible hours allow students to dance at times that work for them – whether they are coming from home, school or the office.

Given our calendar of dance activities, fitting in a class or two per week is totally doable, even for those with packed schedules. Before hitting the dance floor, we just ask students to give their body the nutrition it needs for a fun-filled dance session. Along with stretching, having a snack before any workout is key. One of our favorites is FRUIT!


Versatile and portable, fruit is the sweet snack that satiates us in many ways. According to Active.com, fruit prevents low blood sugar, helps settle the stomach and gives us fuel.


We’re not picky when it comes to nature’s candy, but we do have a few faves, like apples and bananas. Keep these five tips in mind for your pre-workout snack:


  • While fruit is available in fresh, canned or dried form, reach for the freshest option. The jury is still out on dried snacks since they contain more sugar and calories than their fresh counterparts. If you are used to the convenience of noshing on raisins or other dried fruit, check out these tips from Woman’s Day.


  • Skinning a fruit can cut out many nutritional benefits. The peel on an apple, for example, contains a significant amount of vitamins and fiber. Experiment with different apple types to find a peel that “appeals” to you. Check out com for tips on properly cleaning your apples.


  • Speaking of skin, did you know that peeling a banana from the opposite end is most effective (and not to mention super fun)? Monkeys have been doing it all along and humans are catching on! By turning your banana so that its stem is pointing downward, you can pull the skin off more easily and avoid that annoying split in the middle of the peel that can lead to a mushy mess!


  • Avoid fruit juice, as it can spike your blood sugar.


  • Snack no sooner than 30 minutes before a workout to give your body time for digestion. If you’re running late, consider a smaller portion size, as eating too soon before a class can lead to stomach cramps, bloating or indigestion.


We hope these fruitful tips will help you fuel up and get the most of your dance sessions!

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