Move your hips to every beat in this spicy Hispanic dance. Cultivated in New York with Hispanic roots, the salsa commands a zesty, energetic, sensual connection with your dance partner.
Show your fun side with the unique lilt and energy of The East Coast Swing. This circular, rotating swing dance features wraps, tunnels, and turns that keep your steps quick, small and light.
Stunning head-turns and sharp staccato placement punctuate this South American dance. You’ll keep your partner closer than ever in this moving dance with a punchy walk and a dramatically delayed follow-through.
Shake off the day’s stress and all of its rigidity, and relax into a comfortable embrace with your partner. Invite emotion into your movement as you pull your chests closer together and dance in complete cheek-to-cheek contact.
West Coast Swing dancers consider their dance to be “cooler,” more chic, and more sophisticated than East Coast Swing. The West Coast Swing differs from other swing dances because of its distinctive “dancing in a slot” approach, where the lady’s movement takes her towards the man, not away.
Soft, gentle, and romantic, this dance will make you appear to float across the dance floor. The basic components of Waltz are walking steps and side steps, but it’s the rise and fall and body sway that bring elegance and beauty to the simplest Waltz patterns.
Originating in the Dominican Republic and Spain, the Bachata is inspired by the Bolero and infuses styling elements of salsa, tango and ballroom. Once thought to be a way to cope with pain and stress, the Bachata applies sensual hip pops and high-energy movements within a square space.
Experience the slow, sensuous and romantic rumba. This dance is known for its distinctive hip movement, called the Cuban Motion, one of the most important styling elements of the rumba and other Latin American dances.
[BODY COPY:] Rumba and Mambo, Cuban Motion is an important aspect of this dance paired with signature chasse and rock steps. Even the cha cha cha name alone mimics the exciting rhythm and shuffling of each dancer’s feet.
Different from the familiar line dance, this partner-dance is perfect for dance-beat, nightclub music. Get ready to turn, spin and wrap, learn syncopated timing and fakes and showcase elaborate arm styling.
Exude grace and beauty in every step with this fun social dance. You’ll learn to adjust the tempo to your environment, from short steps on crowded dance floors to longer, smooth, gliding steps in larger ballrooms. You’ll command full body control to bring ease and an unhurried appearance to this dance.
[BODY COPY:] Get ready to shake it! You’ll perfect your Latin hip movement and combine rock steps, side steps, points, kicks and flicks in this Cuban-born dance.
Left, right. Left, right. Left, right. You’ll love the festive, happy tone of this Dominican dance. Dancing the Merengue is like marching where you step with each step syncing to the beat of the lively music.
Save your energy and show off your style in this quick-paced Latin dance. Known for its unique vertical bounce action, you’ll learn to make movements look effortless and carefree using knee action, a smooth body sway and the ball of your foot for every step.
Impress your favorite country-Western bar crowd with this collection of social dances. Country-Western music is the foundation for these promenade and pattern couples dances, making these routines playful and fun: Two Step, Waltz, Cowboy or Traveling Cha Cha, Polka, Ten Step (also known as Ten Step Polka), Schottische, and other Western promenade dances, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, and Nightclub Two Step.
Look simply elegant with sweeping turns and rotational movement that float you gracefully around the floor.
Make a romantic statement with the dance position that appears to dramatically expand and contract. Different from its Cuban relative, the Rumba, the dramatic rise and fall and the long sweeping side steps create a softness that makes this dance unique among its rhythmic friends.
You’ll love this fast-paced, joyful dance! Defined by the swingout move, you’ll see how smoothly you can flow and pivot between open and closed positions with your partner. Although the Lindy Hop can infuse exciting acrobatic moves, most steps are extremely precise and perfectly in sync with the music.
Bop onto the dance floor with this high-energy, hip-rocking dance. The fastest of the Latin dances, Jive incorporates lots of kicks, flicks, knee-work and twirling without the cross-floor action of other dances.
Smooth, glamorous and elegant like the Foxtrot. You’ll learn to look light on your feet in this energetic, form-intensive dance. Perfect for both formal and casual events, you’ll love the fast and powerfully flowing movement set in sync with an upbeat melody.
Put your acting hat on in this theatrical flamenco-inspired Spanish dance. Passionate, arrogant and commonly a competitive piece, you and your partner will act out the roles of matador (bullfighter) and his cape in the drama of a Spanish bullfight. Although, dancers may also choose to adopt the role of torero, picador, banderillero, bull or Spanish dancer during the highly charged performance.

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