5 Guidelines for Finding the Right Exercise for You

Private Dance Lessons

Looking for a way to get healthier doing something you love? Not all exercises fit the bill. Here are five guidelines for choosing the right activity to keep you coming back and, of course, why we think dance is the perfect fit.

Glorious Distraction – Ever gone for a run, and with each thud of your feet on the concrete, you’re rhythmically reminded of how much you less-than-love this exercise? Hate running. I’m bored. Thighs are touching. Shorts are creeping up. Almost done. Ugh – 2 more miles?! Please make it stop. Good news, getting healthy and active doesn’t have to be this way. The real key to finding an exercise you love is in choosing the one that’s most distracting – one that doesn’t feel like a workout. Ballroom dance lessons are fresh, exciting and fun, so you’ll forget about the sweat factor completely.

Accountability – Roping in an accountability partner is a big trend in today’s most popular workouts. Why? Because you’re less likely to quit on a friend than to quit on yourself. Obviously dance is the perfect setup for this, because you’re never dancing alone. Whether you bring a partner with you, or you work with one of our instructors, you’re going to love this aspect of ballroom dancing.

Fast Results – Some exercise routines take a long time to see results, and that can be very discouraging at first. With dance, you won’t just feel fast results in your muscles, but you’ll instantly feel your mind being challenged, you’ll feel yourself making permanent adjustments to your posture and fluidity, you’ll recognize a sharpness in your mind as you learn new steps and you’ll rediscover your self confidence as you improve with each class.

Avoid Overwhelming / Intimidating Exercises – Ever been a first-time attendee to a Zumba class? You spend the first 30 minutes dancing 5 steps behind the rest of the “regulars” who all seem to be born with a sexy-and-coordinated gene and a natural talent for gyrating hips. Or how about extreme yoga, where you’re sure the first pose is a direct adaptation of Cirque de Soleil? We hear you. New things can be scary, which is why dance is so ideal. You won’t be lost in a sea of regulars. You’ll get the individual attention you need to bring your ballroom dance skills up to speed. There’s no embarrassment, anxiety, apprehension or feeling “lost.” You’ll be dancing with your partner, and everyone is here to learn.

Motivation – Committing to an exercise routine requires daily/weekly motivation; you have to push yourself. But with ballroom dance lessons at Arthur Murray, a funny thing happens. You’ll discover a hundred sources of motivation unlike with any other exercise, and you’ll never feel like you have to drag yourself to the studio like you do with the gym. Some of our students weighed in on their newfound motivation; come dance with us and find out which will drive you!

“Why I’m motivated to dance…”

More confidence Ÿ It’s the workout that doesn’t feel like one Ÿ So much fun Ÿ My husband knows how to dance with me Ÿ We can dance together anywhere Ÿ Met new friends Ÿ Better social life Ÿ Stress relief Ÿ Better coordination