6 Common Misconceptions about Ballroom Dance Lessons

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  1. “I won’t be comfortable in front of other people.” We all get that sense of insecurity when we think about our dance moves. Especially when it comes to showing them off in front of other people. At Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Royal Oak, everyone has started with exactly the same apprehension. And just like all of us, you’re going to realize how much more relaxed you are when everyone is dancing at once. In fact, our students will tell you that ballroom dance lessons are a great way to boost your confidence.
  2. “I don’t have the coordination.” We all just THINK we’re not coordinated enough. Get ready to surprise yourself, because you are far more coordinated than you think. With any new activity, you have to start somewhere, and we can wait to dispel that “I don’t think I can” mindset with one that says, “I can’t believe I am!”
  3. “Eh, I’ll just learn it online.” Sure, you can learn some basic steps online. But what you won’t learn is the feel and awesome fun of dancing with a partner, or the opportunity to “up” your game by having an expert in the room helping you look your best on the dance floor. It’s not as fun to dance alone. Dance is social; you’ll feel the difference in our dance studio.
  4. “I’m too _______ (Fill in your excuse)” Busy… Tired… Whatever it is, we understand. That’s why we want to encourage you to make your mind and body a priority. Just like you prioritize exercise, time with friends and date night, dancing becomes all of those things combined in one. Very few activities have benefits that cross the mind/body plane like dancing. Come once, and prepare to eliminate excuses forever.
  5. “Ballroom Dancing is boring” We should probably just scratch this one off – no further explanation needed. Ballroom dancing isn’t all slow-step ballads and robotic twirls. It covers cha-cha, salsa, swing and more of the most exciting steps to learn and see, so you can choose just the right anything-but-boring dance to suit your preferred style.
  6. “I don’t have a partner” Glad you mentioned it. Say no more; your partner is waiting. One of our dance experts will partner with you to help you master any step you want to learn. No pre-furbished partner required!
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