Holiday Special: We’re helping you give the best gift

Think of someone, anyone, who you’ll be buying a gift for this holiday season. Good news. There’s a perfect gift for that person.

“But you don’t even know who they are…”

You’re right. But here’s the great and utterly surprising thing about giving the gift of dance. It is the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Whether they’ve never danced a day in their lives or they can’t keep away from a dance floor. It is timeless, ageless, and never personality-specific. It is uplifting, confidence building and an excellent and necessary workout for even seasoned athletes. It is proven to stimulate the brain, proven to be good for your health, your joints and your general daily outlook. It is inspiring, exciting, challenging and fun.

That’s why we’re excited to report that we’re helping you gift the best most universally appreciated gift we can think of:

Get 50% off Introductory Dance Packages
Starting November 25 through January 5, 2016
Gift Certificates Available
*Limited to new students only. Redeem half-off savings through January 31st.

So go on. Give the gift of _________________. Passion. Excitement. Exercise. Brain work. Grace. Joy. Go on! Fill in the blank; they’re all exactly right on.

Stop in to Arthur Murray Royal Oak and grab a gift certificate.

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