On the other side of the glass: Your first visit to Arthur Murray Royal Oak


We’ve seen you check out what’s happening inside our dance studio from the outside through our big picture window (looks fun, doesn’t it?) So what happens when you walk inside the studio? A lot of our new clients had spent a lot of time checking us out from the outside, but were nervous to cross that threshold into our studio. That’s why we want you to feel comfortable with what to expect so there are no surprises and no need to be nervous about crossing that threshold.

What to expect from your first visit:

  • Right off the bat, you’ll see Emaline, Jessica or Veronica at the front desk (and they’re very excited you’re here). Ask us questions! We want you to feel comfortable.
  • They’ll greet you and give you a tour of the studio
  • You’ll talk with Jessica or Veronica about what inspired you to walk in, what you might want out of this experience, types of dance lessons and programs (don’t worry – you absolutely don’t need to know which type of dance you like; in fact, most new students don’t)
  • You’ll get a recommendation for how to start out, usually with one fast and one slow dance. (Many students say, “Oh, I don’t think I can dance.” But before you know it, you’ll be doing the box step. That’s a promise.)
  • Then, we’ll show you on to the floor
  • Plan for about 45 to 55 minutes on your first visit, and pay nothing for your first lesson! It’s FREE!

“Even without scheduling your first lesson, you could swing by and get a sneak peek into what to expect,” encourages Administrative Manager Emaline. “We’ll show you around, introduce you to the staff and talk about what you want out of your first lesson!”

We can’t wait to see you!