Get fit, feel happy with Spring Dance Lessons

Dance Lessons

You know that feeling you get when you see that first sign of spring? When the sun feels just a little warmer on your back, it’s really easy to get motivated, right? You want to get out, get moving and get back in shape for summer. Of course there are a lot of activities that can help you do that; the challenge is finding one that is actually enjoyable enough to make you want to keep with it.


Ballroom dance is a workout

You probably know where we’re going with this, but consider this: “Dancing is a wonderful way to not only get in a good round of cardio, but it can also tone the rest of your body,” reminds FITDAY writer Andrew Peloquin. Fast-paced ballroom dancing can be a strong workout for legs, arms, core and your heart.


Stay accountable

Need accountability? Your dance instructor will hold you to it. And rather than standing over you like a personal fitness trainer and watching you do all the work during your dance lessons, they’ll actually dance right along with you. Since you’re not surrounded by other sweat-drenched, grunting and seemingly pained workout friends, you hardly notice how impactful a ballroom-dancing workout is.


Let it shine

Plus, the environment at Arthur Murray Dance Studio Royal Oak is ideal for spring weather. Meaning, much of the time, the sun makes it look a lot warmer outside than it actually is. So our big picture windows welcome spring into the studio, while also keeping some of those stubborn crisp temperatures out.


Get your happy on

Our moods lift a bit in the spring as well with clouds giving way to brighter, clearer days. Did you know, dance can actually help you really amplify that feeling? In a new dance study at the University of Derby in England, depressed patients were prescribed dancing instead of medication. As a result, patients showed:

  • Increases in happiness
  • Increases in confidence and social skills
  • Decreases in stress hormones and depression
  • Expansion in mindfulness and self-awareness


“…the university reported that the combination of exercise, social interaction, and concentration in learning a new skill increased levels of confidence and happiness,” notes a article highlighting the study.


Take this challenge!

The first day of spring has sprung. Before you commit to your spring workout plan, we want to challenge you to try out our studio with your FREE first dance lesson. Call us, send us a note on our site, or stop by and we’ll get your trial in so you can lock down your warm-weather workout plan. Don’t wait – spring is coming fast. See you soon!