Doctors De-stress On the Dance Floor


One of our favorite aspects of meeting new students is learning what drove them to our studio. Are they here to pick up some moves for a wedding? Did they show up because someone gave them a gift certificate? Is dance a new social outlet that they are exploring?

For doctors Julie Zenger Hain and Jon Hain, de-stressing was a factor in joining Arthur Murray Royal Oak two years ago. The couple took on dancing as a way to spend quality time together, be physically active, learn something new and unwind. We spoke with Julie about their takeaways as students, and we sure learned a lot!

Julie (a geneticist) and Jon (a surgeon) have been married for more than 27 years and have two college-aged children. Unlike many physicians who preach good health but don’t necessarily practice it, Julie and Jon do their best to live a balanced life. For example, the couple dedicates time to mindfulness, such as by practicing yoga and meditation. However, Julie noted that doing so doesn’t necessarily clear her mind in the way dancing does. “Thoughts would creep in [during yoga and meditation], but when you dance, they don’t creep in,” she said. “I never imagined the mental health benefit I see from going to dance.”

The concentration that comes with dancing is often what motivates students to progress their skills. “I can honestly say, for 45 minutes, I totally forget about all the stress in my life because I’m so focused on my partner, trying to be in the right position, moving, putting sequences together, so that’s where my brain is,” Julie said.

The doctor has found that dancing is not only fun and convenient, but also offers many physical benefits. “Dancing is not necessarily a cardio workout, but it does work on balance, keeps you moving, keeps you physically active; making you less likely to be more stationary, have a fall or an injury,” Julie said.

The couple was pleased to discover that our lessons can easily fit into their schedules. “You can do your thing and leave, or stay and socialize if you want, but it doesn’t require an enormous amount of time at once,” Julie said. From our studio’s location and parking to staff and hours of operation, she noted that ballroom dance has a lot of enticing factors. “Unlike going to the gym, you don’t need to wait for certain equipment or wear anything special, other than proper shoes,” she said. She called dancing “a short date” that can be a regular outing, should you choose.

Julie noted that she and Jon find all of the styles of dance fun! They enjoy the variety and flexibility in choosing what they want to practice based on their mood that day. They like to joke around with each other regarding the roles they take in ballroom dancing. “This is the one thing that he can solely be the lead in,” she said. “There’s so many things where the woman takes charge, but [in dance] the man truly has the lead. There’s not many things he can say he’s solely in charge of where I’m not putting my two cents in,” she joked.

When the couple’s son was home last summer from college, he took dance classes at our studio as well. Julie said he gained confidence on the dance floor, and even brought his girlfriend in when she visited. “He’s in the age group of fraternity and sorority parties and weddings, but it doesn’t matter how old you are,” she said. “Dancing is a great life skill for so many reasons.”

Julie and Jon aim to keep learning and putting their dance skills to work. When they attend social events, such as weddings, they notice people watching them on the dance floor. “I didn’t realize how much I had been learning,” Julie said. At one wedding, a young man “begged” her to teach him how to dance, so she gave him a quick lesson on the hustle and encouraged him to contact his local Arthur Murray studio. She told him that he might feel awkward cold calling, but the instructors will take care of him.

“The support they give you and the environment you’re in really give you the opportunity to learn and de-stress,” Julie said. “It’s doable.”

Julie and Jon looked us up online two years ago, commencing their journey into ballroom dance. Since you’ve taken the time to read all about this dedicated couple, you’re one step closer to experiencing what they have in our studio! Call us at (248) 548-4770 or click here to see how our lessons might help ease stressors in your life.