This Is “Showcase”


You’re in a room – a theater – drenched with stunning architecture. You stand with your partner, impeccably dressed, talking with friends – old and new – who’ve come to share this passion for dance. You talk about how much it’s surprised some of you to become so involved, to have this much fun, to really have enjoyed the journey that lead you here. Together you look back on your first lesson and what your different intentions were when you first entered the studio – for some just months ago, for others… years. You all started with the same rumba-box step; you all know how it feels, which instills in you this common camaraderie and respect.

You sit down to dinner. And though 125 people surround you, you feel safe, supported, encouraged and most of all excited to take the stage with the routine you and your partner have been working so hard on together. You love seeing your name in Act 4. You want to show off. You continue to be surprised by your own confidence.

It’s your turn. The warm glow of the stage lights, the music… You feel the adrenaline rush as you take the stage. And as you and your partner begin to move, that wave of anxiousness transforms into energy, grace, pride, fuel, and motivation to knock this routine out of the park. You channel the infectious energy of the crowd; it is addictive. You are flawless.

Following your routine, the instructors take the stage with incredible performances that show every student what more is possible, achievable… beautiful.

The day turns into night. As the event comes to a close, you tell the others you’ll see them in a few months at the next Showcase because… of course. You feel accomplished, inspired, but most of all, you feel alive. Because as you look back on your experience, you’ve never before felt so good to be you.


From the studio: Showcase is an upscale event and opportunity for students to perform the routines they’ve been working on in-studio in a safe, supportive, closed environment among other Arthur Murray students across the area. During this quarterly event, students enjoy dinner, drinks and both open and performance dancing. Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Royal Oak encourages anyone interested in lessons to be a showcase spectator at least once to see the possibilities, the range of routines and the sense of community that comes with being an Arthur Murray Royal Oak student