Your New Life with Dance – Find Your Fit


How does life look once you’ve signed up for dance lessons? What’s the time commitment and how might your life feel different than usual?

When you sign up for lessons at Arthur Murray Royal Oak, you’re in control of how involved you want to be – and it hinges a lot on your personal goals. Every day people like you are making dance a hobby and an exciting (different!) part of their week. What kind of involvement is right for you? Hopefully this helps.

Light & Personal Involvement

Some students come in once a week for private lessons with a focus on having fun and getting a great workout.

Fun & Social Involvement

The Arthur Murray three-fold approach to learning and enjoying dance is one of the most common levels of involvement. These students not only focus on becoming graceful and prepared for any opportunity to dance, but also on celebrating and leveraging the social aspect of dance to really master the craft. Your time at Arthur Murray would include:

1) Taking private dance lessons regularly

2) Joining the group classes to sharpen skills in a particular dance or technique

3) Coming to parties to have fun in a relaxed free environment and learn how to dance with other partners

Arden, Arthur Murray Royal Oak Dance Instructor, talks about what motivates students to get started at this level:

”It’s the best way to learn; when you sign up you’re making an investment in yourself and you get the best ROI [with all three].

Private lessons are when you get your ‘meat,’ group lessons are there to teach you to lead and follow, and making sure you’re gaining muscle memory; and parties… that’s like the real world – the scrimmage for the big game. [Our students] get involved at this level because that‘s what’s going to get them the best results (besides the fact that they’re really fun).”

“Let’s Do This” Involvement

Some of our students even take their love for dance to the next level and compete in our quarterly studio showcases – and even at amateur competitions.

“We’ve had a wedding couple who wanted a big dance to put on a show and do something extra for their friends and family at their wedding, and there’s nothing like showcases to practice amalgamation. Who wouldn’t want a dry run and an opportunity to redo their dance on their wedding day? For this couple, showcase was at the Gem Theater; it was great for their memory and great practice, and now they had already done it for a great crowd.

“The motivation for that couple was the confidence, to get out the nerves, and do it in front of people they don’t know.”

Let’s see which level of involvement is right for you. Check out the Arthur Murray signature three-fold system here and see which level fits into your life. Or give the studio a call, and we’ll help match you to the perfect program!



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