Manly Hobbies Every Man Should Try at Least Once

Learning the Waltz

Are you a guys’ guy? Maybe hobbies like cars, guitar and sports are already part of your weekend routine. But if you find yourself with a spare hour or two a week, there are some very manly hobbies you ought to look into.

The Art of Manliness put out an article with the most popular men’s hobbies; and we’ve recapped the few we don’t think you should miss out on. These are trending now, so don’t waste any time. Like a bucket list for dudes, try each of these at least once to round out your manliness.

  • Manly Hobby #1: Dance

Alright, alright. Of course we put this in the one-spot. But dance is right for the manliest of men, and here’s why. First, according to The Art of Manliness post, dancing used to be about the only thing trending for your grandfather. I know, maybe that’s a tough sell, but let’s think about why he cared about dance: Everyone did it so it was super social, and two, the ladies loved it. GOOD NEWS: It’s still super social and has been known to bring couples together.   Seems like motivation enough for us. Single guys are using our dance classes to get to know girls, build confidence and look pretty amazing when they go out or head out to weddings. And coupled guys are using our dance classes for superior date nights or to learn a few solid moves he can put on the wife.

  • Manly Hobby #2: Computer Programming

Coding has traditionally been a male pastime. “Many men have made computer programming their living, but there are millions more who have day jobs but pound out code in their spare time just for kicks and giggles,” confirms the Art of Manliness article. Guys have found some code languages are pretty easy to learn and they’ve found that they can not only develop everything from crazy-strategic mobile games to useful open source apps, but also that learning how to code is a huge resume builder.

Note: We do think it’s also relevant to note here that Dancing helps boost brain power in a big way.

  • Manly Hobby #3: Adventure Races

Art of Manliness describes this endurance-building hobby as this: “Adventure races last all day and incorporate a variety of activities; you may have to run/hike for 10 miles, paddle a kayak down a river for 10 miles, and then mountain bike through a forest for 20 miles. And along the way you have to stop at checkpoints which can only be found by using a map and a compass. Physical activity+the great outdoors+orienteering=very manly.” These are great if you like social workouts where you train for an event with friends. They’re also ideal for those guys who prefer to elude boredom and mix it up a bit.

Note: Dance is also an incredible head-to-toe workout for the body in ways that no other physical challenge can achieve.

  • Manly Hobby #4: Cooking

Yeah, not a lot to say here aside from the obvious. Ever seen Top Chef? If you’re trying to impress the ladies, learning to dance AND learning to cook would just about blow their minds.

  • Manly Hobby #5: Mixed Martial Arts

This is kind of trending right now. Inspired by the UFC and Bellator organizations, gyms have opened across the country dedicated to mixed martial arts, combining grappling, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and jiu jitsu for a more well-rounded, competitive workout.

Note: Bonus about choosing dancing… so far no cases of cauliflower ear.

So what are you missing out on? How could you boost your manly portfolio? While we can’t help with some of the others like cooking and grappling, we can absolutely help out with integrating more social, exercise, impressive impressions and good health to your life with dance. Our suggestion? Swing by the studio, tell us you want to be a solid force on the dance floor, and we’ll get you started. Max Your Manliness!