For the mamas…


Life with kids

Let’s talk, mom to mom. How many hours have we dedicated to rocking our mom-ness? You know what we mean: From cuddling to comforting to carrying tiny tired legs or chauffeuring our gaggles around to an astounding number of activities stationed in the furthest corners of town. We absolutely dominate the table-tennis-inspired sport of managing tiny humans. With our chaotic family schedules, it’s a small miracle we arrive anywhere properly clothed, and a bigger one when the “stoplight gods” grant us a minute to apply mascara and take just one uninterrupted sip of our room-temp coffee without spilling it down our chins.


For their future

And we do it all without a second thought, without flinching… why? Because we want to help our children to succeed. We want to give them the experiences that set them up to dominate life, be masters of their own personal craft, and celebrate their special snowflake-ness in a sometimes cold and blustery world.


The truth is…

But here’s a secret – one you may already know. Our kids are highly inspired and motivated by parents who lead by example. When they see us being our best selves, they are inspired to become their best self. When they see us being active, glowing with happiness, exuding confidence… they become motivated to do the same. In fact, some of our most dedicated dancers are moms – some who come to the studio during school hours, or seek to replace a monotonous gym workout, or who look to reinvent themselves once their kids reach high school or college.


Find your passion, be their hero

Consider the story of Kelly Wain who retired her gymnast career to build and enjoy her family of four. But after her mother fought through a life-threatening illness, she discovered that she needed to do things for herself too in order to feel and be her best for her family. By no coincidence, one of the things she tried was ballroom dance, and in it, she discovered a new passion – one that keeps her mind fresh, her body fit, her confidence high and her family inspired. Read Kelly’s full story here.


Start here

Like Kelly, let’s ask what we’re doing for ourselves so we can inspire our children. Come by the dance studio and we’ll show you how to inspire confidence, laughter, love, fun, and ultimate fitness through the power of ballroom dance.