Beginner Program

The Connection

Ease into the dance scene with a simple, inspiring introduction to the basics. As you move around the floor with your dance partner, you’ll listen to music, recognize a full range of dance tempos and begin to establish confidence in your body’s movements.


Intermediate (Social Ease) Program

The First Date

Start looking and feeling more fluid in your movements. In this program you’ll begin to work on leading, following, timing and maneuvering on the dance floor.


Bronze Program

The Courtship

Get ready to really have fun out there. Develop timing and technique, and find your inner connection to the range of characters in social dances. This program’s styling will make you look and feel comfortable on the floor. You’ll strengthen your lead, and learn to follow someone else’s so gracefully that your poise and comfort level will be heightened for any partner, any kind of music and in any environment. Now, you won’t have to think about anything but enjoying your partner and having fun.


Silver Program

The Engagement

Embrace the dance standard with a high degree of styling. Flashy movements make this standard shine on the dance floor and a highly technical lesson on movement continuity enables couples to glide around with multiple changes of direction.


Gold Program

The One

This one is for the Stars! Strictly a standard for the hobby dancer interested in performances, exhibitions or competitions, this program emphasizes intricate patterns exclusive to dance partners who are both equally proficient. Choreography, styling, technique and showmanship are necessities. The smoothness and control make this level of dance truly something beautiful to watch. Be prepared to work hard, and you’ll be regarded as an outstanding dancer capable of excelling at any level.

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